Living Faith at Home

is all about supporting people toward wide open spaces of connection.

We yearn for connection with God. We are hungry to experience God’s love for ourselves. We want relationship with our families of birth or of choice.

Let’s grow connection through bite-sized practices of dialogue, prayer, and community for our every day faith experiences.

Working Together

Living Faith at Home supports you as you explore your living faith in your everyday experiences through :

  • Our Podcast “Faith at Home
  • 1:1 Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Group Spiritual Formation Experiences
  • Keynote Speaking

You are invited to explore faith

To experience God as loving and supportive, and to step into your belonging that has existed from before the beginning of time.

You are invited to find meaning in your everyday life, to experience resilience and gratitude in the ups and downs, to release control in the hands of the Life-Giving Spirit.

While taking responsibility for the everyday actions, let’s step into the unforced rhythms of grace, and share our experiences of faith and relationship in ways that are life-giving and connection-building.


Life is full of challenges.

Having the support you need for your faith to be alive, practical, and woven into your daily life makes navigating the challenges of life more meaningful.

That support is what Living Faith at Home is about.

About Us…


Hi! We are Reade, and Jennifer.

As facilitators for Living Faith at Home, we support people — like you! — to listen to their lives, and through everyday practices of prayer, to be able to step into experiences of connection with the Divine Family!

There’s no instant coffee (who likes that stuff anyway?), but there are practices of support that we can engage in day by day that will grow our spiritual resilience, nourish our soul, and let us step free from the shackles of false guilt and shame.

Want to get more?

Our Blog

Favoritism against YOURself?

Have you noticed that you show favoritism? And perhaps that your least favorite person is yourself? Yes. Me too. In fact, probably most of us. I vividly remember the day when this insight about favoritism hit me. I’d just set a timer and excused myself from the...

But GOD! Help for us in times of trouble.

“But God…” If you hang around with me for more than a minute, it becomes obvious how much I love the Psalms. This collection of ancient prayer-poems models such emotional range and all of it in conversation with God and with a community of support. The Psalms have...

Presuppositions that change how we live

Presuppositions are the things that are assumed at the beginning. When our presuppositions shift and change, the outcomes also can change. What are your presuppositions about yourself? About God? Or about the people around you? If you live with the underpinning that...

Warning! Danger on your pathway!

There is a potential danger on your pathway! It’s easy to fall into a pit if no one warns you that there is a great big hole in the pathway ahead of you. I am here to warn you that there is the potential of danger ahead. When you want to walk the Pathway of Wisdom,...

Help me! But not that way…

Have you ever cried out for God’s help? In one of the Psalms, the prayer-poet calls out: But You, O Eternal, stay close;    O You, my help, hurry to my side.Save my life from violence,    my sweet life from the teeth of the wild dog. (Psalm 22:19 & 20, The Voice)...

How to Follow a Spiritual Navigation System

Spiritual Direction is like a spiritual navigation system to walk the Pathway of Wisdom. Elizabeth was a skilled guide for Mary.

Our Podcast

Psalm 119:137-144 G | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

“Gales of stress threaten to bend us to the ground” (from Psalm 119:137-44 in “We Love Your Invitations”). We sure do need support to come back to balance! The Psalms, Listening Practices, and conversations are a consistent way to regulate our minds.  Engage with this...

Psalm 119:161-168 F | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

“We are treasure hunters who find a cave of gold in your instructions,” is one of the lines from Psalm 119:161-168. What treasure are you seeking? And have you opened up your treasure map? You are invited to the pathway of relationship with God who is kind and...

Psalm 119:81-88 E | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

Are you exhausted? Frustrated? Do you want something different? Psalm 119:81-88 invites us into a conversation about our frustration. As people of faith in a topsy-turvy world, these are the honest feelings that can bubble up within us. When we acknowledge the way...

Psalm 119:25-32 D | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

“Dragged down and dusted,” starts Part D of Psalm 119:25-32. Have you ever felt discouraged? This section of the longest Psalm paints a picture of emotions of discouragement and dismay. We can acknowledge our emotions. And we can accept the invitations that God offers...

Psalm 119:17-24 C | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

Part C of “We Love Your Invitations” is based on Psalm 119:17-24. The highway of our lives is busy. The cry of our hearts is for time and a blanket of comfort for our griefs. This section of Psalm 119 offers us a relationship with God and with a community as the...

Psalm 119:9-16 B | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

Listen along with us to Part B of Psalm 119:9-16, as paraphrased by Jennifer in her book “We Love Your Invitations.” Psalm 119 is an acrostic Psalm and reminds us of the joy of Alphabet Books for early learners. Acrostics jog our memories. Acrostics help us to hold...