This Psalm 88 Listening Practice takes us into the heart of lament. If we read the Psalms just based on what we like, or what we want to feel, we’d avoid this Psalm nine times out of ten.

And yet, there are days when we feel the deep pain of sorrow. There are days were we wonder if God is listening.

As much as listening practices are about getting better at listening, they are about underlining the truth that God is listening, too! When we practice listening to the Psalms, we can experience hearing the Divine AND being heard. We can feel the full range of our emotions, AND we can affirm the truth that we are in a relationship with give and take.

What do you notice as you practice listening with Psalm 88?

Especially when we are in seasons of lament and grief, having a Spiritual Guide is an important part of healing. If you are looking for a Spiritual Guide, book an Exploration Call with Jennifer. Deep lament calls for dialogue and community.

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