In this Psalm 1 Listening Practice, we read Psalm 1 and talk together about it. Would you listen for a word or phrase that stands out to you? Is there an invitation that grows out of this Psalm for you?

Have you ever heard of Lectio Divina or Listening Practices? Lectio Divina (Sacred Listening) is another name for Listening Practices. The Living Faith at Home Listening Practice is a small, bite-sized space for attending to God’s voice. Listening to God, listening to our lives, and listening to our families/communities helps our lives in big ways!

Discernment is helped by having a notebook (sometimes called a Listening Book) and something to write with. Keeping track and paying attention to patterns over the long term helps us to see what God is saying in our lives. As always, if you are listening to a podcast while driving, please be safe! Consider having your voice to text system send you a text message.

As we listen, dialogue with a companion helps us to discern. Perhaps you already have a safe relationship that encourages you to speak your truth. But if you don’t have that kind of relationship already, we strongly recommend a relationship with a Spiritual Director. A Spiritual Direction relationship could be one great way of supporting your spiritual growth and exploration. So, for more information about Spiritual Direction check out Spiritual Directors’ International

Finally, if this Listening Practice Psalm 1 is one of your favourites, you might also enjoy listening to these Listening Practices: Psalm 2, or Psalm 18 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5), or Psalm 19.


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A picture of Pelicans to accompany your Psalm 1 Listening Practice
Pelicans on the lake. Photo by Reade.