We can cry out with anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness and pain. When we express those feelings in our relationship with the Divine, we are creating a Prayer of Lament.

Does a Lament express your feelings at the moment?

As we listen to the Divine Family and to our truest selves using Psalm 58, we are deep into a cycle of Psalms that are Psalms of Lament. Sometimes our feelings mirror the feeling in the Psalm we are listening with. Sometimes our feelings are in contrast to the feelings in the Psalm. Still we listen for how the Divine will speak to us and invite us.

What do you notice as you listen to your body, your emotions, your spirit and the Divine today?Would you like to write your own Prayer of Lament today?

Thank you for taking time to listen along with us today! If you are interested in Spiritual Guidance that carries this conversation further, please schedule a complementary Exploration Conversation.