Today’s Listening Practice with Psalm 86 reminds us that God is kind, faithful and forgiving.

Even when we feel like things aren’t going our way, we can trust that there will be evidence of God’s favour. We can ask for relationship, give and take, with God.

This video shares one of our prayer practices. Engaging in Listening Practices, we listen to Psalm 86 and we also listen to God. We repeat the experience regularly so that we can become better listeners. Our crying out becomes the point where we choose to live from a place of faith and relationship. Loneliness and isolation are met as express ourselves to God and to one another.

Join in the conversation. Let us hear what you notice as you listen along!

If you would like to know more about our process for Listening Practices, you can read more here.

The whole video vault of our Listening Practices is available as part of our Patreon page. If there is value for you in listening to the Psalms, we’d love to see you there.