Psalm 89:38-52 wraps up our final Listening Practice from this Psalm of 52 verses. Do you ever feel like crying because you are afraid that God has forgotten you? Over the long haul, the practice of listening to the Psalms, and through Psalms to God, and to ourselves, helps us to become better at hearing what matters most to us. This lament helps us to bring our sadness, anger and frustration into the conversation.

There have been times when it felt like God was not listening when we were trying to be in conversation. And there have been times when it felt like we couldn’t hear anything from God even though we felt like we were trying with all our might. All long term, intimate relationships go through times where things are challenging.

We can carry our lament straight back into the relationship with God. There’s no extra fee for expressing our feelings, just a loving welcome, and a “thank you for telling me your truth.”