“We are treasure hunters who find a cave of gold in your instructions,” is one of the lines from Psalm 119:161-168.

What treasure are you seeking? And have you opened up your treasure map? You are invited to the pathway of relationship with God who is kind and generous. Around every curve on this pathway find caves of gold in the invitations of the Divine.

Reading from “We Love Your Invitations,” we, Jennifer and Reade Holtslander, explore what we notice. Carrying those ideas into conversation with God and one another, we pray together, and model a form of prayer called a Listening Practice (or Lectio Divina). 

Listen along with us to join the practice.

A prayer form to use in Spiritual Direction

Listening Practices, and other prayer forms, can be part of your session with a Spiritual Director. 

If you have been looking for an online Spiritual Director, connect with Jennifer today for your complementary 15 minute exploration session. Spiritual Direction needs to be a good fit for the Directee (you!) and the Director (Jennifer)! An exploration conversation helps us to sort that out.

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Grace and peace to you,

Jennifer & Reade

“We are treasure hunters who find a cave of gold in your instructions.” Psalm 119:162b (from “We Love Your Invitations” by Jennifer Holtslander). Photo credit: Jennifer Holtslander.