About Us…

Hi! We’re Jennifer and Reade.

As facilitators for Living Faith at Home, we support everyday people — like you! — to listen to their lives, and through everyday practices of prayer, to be able to step into experiences of connection with the Divine Family!

For all of us, it’s time to step out from the heavy yoke of trying to do everything right so that we can earn our place in the family of the Divine. Instead, it’s time to discover that we do belong, and that we are loved just as we are! Because we deserve to live with gratitude, clarity, peace, and a sense of the loving presence of our Creator.

There’s no instant coffee (who likes that stuff anyway?), but there are practices of support that we can engage in day by day that will grow our spiritual resilience, nourish our souls, and let us step free from the shackles of false guilt and shame.

This work of Spiritual Guidance for individuals and groups grows out of our own questions about meaning in life and finding day by day practices that could support our faith at home, with our family, at work, and everywhere else we go.

We’re here to help you create your own practice studio out of your life for dialogue, prayer, and community.

Dialogue, prayer, and community are three pillars of faith exploration and relationship building.

Together, we parent our school-aged kids, Adoniram and Angeline, with days full of the normal tasks and routines that vary from peaceful to chaotic. Music practices, community hockey games, family prayer, and out-loud reading are part of the mix. In 2017, we welcomed a Bichon Frise pup to our family, and every day since at least one of the children (or both) have named him as part of their gratitude practice.