Living Faith at Home

is all about supporting people toward wide open spaces of connection.

We yearn for connection with God. We are hungry to experience God’s love for ourselves. We want relationship with our families of birth or of choice.

Let’s grow connection through bite-sized practices of dialogue, prayer, and community for our every day faith experiences.

Working Together

Living Faith at Home supports you as you explore your living faith in your everyday experiences through :

  • Our Podcast “Faith at Home
  • 1:1 Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Group Spiritual Formation Experiences
  • Keynote Speaking

You are invited to explore faith

To experience God as loving and supportive, and to step into your belonging that has existed from before the beginning of time.

You are invited to find meaning in your everyday life, to experience resilience and gratitude in the ups and downs, to release control in the hands of the Life-Giving Spirit.

While taking responsibility for the everyday actions, let’s step into the unforced rhythms of grace, and share our experiences of faith and relationship in ways that are life-giving and connection-building.


Life is full of challenges.

Having the support you need for your faith to be alive, practical, and woven into your daily life makes navigating the challenges of life more meaningful.

That support is what Living Faith at Home is about.

About Us…


Hi! We are Reade, and Jennifer.

As facilitators for Living Faith at Home, we support people — like you! — to listen to their lives, and through everyday practices of prayer, to be able to step into experiences of connection with the Divine Family!

There’s no instant coffee (who likes that stuff anyway?), but there are practices of support that we can engage in day by day that will grow our spiritual resilience, nourish our soul, and let us step free from the shackles of false guilt and shame.

Want to get more?

Our Blog

6 Powerful Psalms of Praise: The Psalms of Hallel

Praise the Lord! Psalm 113:1 The Psalms of Hallel are a short, powerful collection of "Hallelujah Psalms" designed for joyous group celebrations and private prayer sessions. Remind me! What are the Psalms? The Book of Psalms is an ancient collection of Hebrew...

Celebrating “We Love Your Invitations”

A new book in the world! We Love Your Invitations is available as an electronic book or softcover. Which format do you prefer? Join with us in celebrating our recently published a book We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase!Jennifer wrote twenty-two...

Gratitude Tree Practice 2021

A hands-on practice for cultivating gratitude Each fall as we consider the season of harvest, we take some time to make note of what we are thankful for. While we are certainly thankful for the beautiful MacIntosh apples that have come from our orchard growers in...

Spiritual Care Awareness Week 2021

Spiritual Care helps people find what matters most in challenging times. This week, October 17-23, is set aside as the week for Spiritual Care Awareness 2021. Spiritual Care is one of the ways of attending to what matters most to us. Spiritual Care helps us to ask our...

All emotions are welcome in prayer

Really, all emotions are welcome in prayer. Sometimes in the world of spiritual growing, we get the sense that it is not okay to have whatever feelings we have. Anger, impatience, jealousy, frustration, fear, boredom, compassion, consolation, passion, and delight (as...

Crucified between worry and regret

This week I’ve been thinking about getting stretched out, crucified, between worry and regret. The Psalms point to a posture of prayer as a helpful antidote to feeling crucified between worry and regret. A long time ago, in my small town Grade 8 Science class, Mr....

Our Podcast

Psalm 118:15-29 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

As we listen to Psalm 118:15-29, we strengthen our ability to hear God’s voice. The final half of Psalm 118 repeats the phrase, "God’s love continues forever." We need that reassurance. As we keep on exploring the words that stand out to us, we enter a conversation...

Psalm 118:1-14 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

How will listening to Psalm 118:1-14 impact your relationship with God? We could make up a six point list about what listening to this Psalm will draw to your attention. Or we could try to assure you of something that we can’t actually promise in the short term....

Psalm 117 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

Listen with us to Psalm 117! It is the shortest Psalm and it is still chock-a-block full of the opportunity to hear God’s words to us. As you listen to Psalm 117, what words or phrases do you notice yourself drawn to? Is there an invitation to some action that stands...

Psalm 116 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

When we listen to Psalm 116, we are assured that God listens to our cry for help.This Psalm begins with, “I love the Lord because God listens to my cry for help.” As we work our way through this prayer-poem, we hear the inner thoughts of the writer. From a place of...

Psalm 115 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

Psalm 115 begins with “The glory belongs to you, God, because of your love and loyalty.” All the rest of the way through, Psalm 115 calls us to attend to God’s love and loyalty at work in our lives. God’s blessing, God’s help, and God’s protection are the bedrock of...

Psalm 114 | Simple Lectio Divina | Faith @ Home

The poetic imagery of Psalm 114 makes mountains, rivers, and hills skip and dance. While the playful imagery of baby goats and lambs makes for delightful watching, it also sets up a lively picture of action and movement. A situation that seemed as immovable as a...