Living Faith at Home

is all about supporting people toward wide open spaces of connection.

We yearn for connection with God. We are hungry to experience God’s love for ourselves. We want relationship with our families of birth or of choice.

Let’s grow connection through bite-sized practices of dialogue, prayer, and community for our every day faith experiences.

Working Together

Living Faith at Home supports you as you explore your living faith in your everyday experiences through :

  • Our Podcast “Faith at Home
  • 1:1 Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Group Spiritual Formation Experiences
  • Keynote Speaking

You are invited to explore faith

To experience God as loving and supportive, and to step into your belonging that has existed from before the beginning of time.

You are invited to find meaning in your everyday life, to experience resilience and gratitude in the ups and downs, to release control in the hands of the Life-Giving Spirit.

While taking responsibility for the everyday actions, let’s step into the unforced rhythms of grace, and share our experiences of faith and relationship in ways that are life-giving and connection-building.


Life is full of challenges.

Having the support you need for your faith to be alive, practical, and woven into your daily life makes navigating the challenges of life more meaningful.

That support is what Living Faith at Home is about.

About Us…


Hi! We are Reade, and Jennifer.

As facilitators for Living Faith at Home, we support people — like you! — to listen to their lives, and through everyday practices of prayer, to be able to step into experiences of connection with the Divine Family!

There’s no instant coffee (who likes that stuff anyway?), but there are practices of support that we can engage in day by day that will grow our spiritual resilience, nourish our soul, and let us step free from the shackles of false guilt and shame.

Want to get more?

Our Blog

All emotions are welcome in prayer

Really, all emotions are welcome in prayer. Sometimes in the world of spiritual growing, we get the sense that it is not okay to have whatever feelings we have. Anger, impatience, jealousy, frustration, fear, boredom, compassion, consolation, passion, and delight (as...

Crucified between worry and regret

This week I’ve been thinking about getting stretched out, crucified, between worry and regret. The Psalms point to a posture of prayer as a helpful antidote to feeling crucified between worry and regret. A long time ago, in my small town Grade 8 Science class, Mr....

Listening to our lives with writing prompts: Amur Maple Flags and Fortrel Quilt Forts

Writing prompts helps us to listen to our lives. Listening Practices are about listening to our lives and to what the Divine is saying to us in the midst of our everyday lives. Writing prompts, journalling, and conversation are a significant way to do this. Practices...

What is a Listening Practice or Lectio Divina?

Perhaps you’ve connected to one of our videos or podcasts where we welcome you to join us in a Faith at Home Listening Practice. If you haven’t yet, you could listen to Faith at Home on your favorite podcast player or you could browse here. There are lots of episodes...

Sacred Imagination helps us discern good choices

At Regina Beach We went to the beach today. With the foresight to wear my swimming suit under my dress, I had the option to swim if that seemed pleasant. The water was cold. The shoreline was rocky until the point were it became muddy. The water smelled like a...

Faith like a dill seed?

Faith, the size of a dill seed. What might it mean to have faith the size of a dill seed? “Plant a little dill one year, let it go to seed, and you will have dill in your garden year after year,” my step mom said as we worked in the garden when I was a kid. I know the...

Our Podcast

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 105:1-15 (NCV)

Remember! Remember to remember! Psalm 105:1-15 retells the story of the Hebrew people and their experience of relationship with God. This first section of Psalm 105 recounts early Hebrew history prior to slavery in Egypt. As we listen together to what God might be...

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 104:19-35 (NCV)

Listening Practice with the last half of Psalm 104 brings together the natural world, our experiences of life, and God's involvement with the created world and in our experiences. Life has so many changes and in the midst of them all, God is with us! As we listen to...

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 104:1-18 (NCV)

There are so many details to delight in as we explore our everyday lives and as we practice listening to Psalm 104:1-18.   The practice of listening to the Psalms helps us to attend to those details. Practicing listening to God through the Psalms helps us to calm our...

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 103 (NCV)

In Psalm 103, the writer of this prayer-poem repeats the invitation to say "thank you" to God again and again. When you look back over the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month, can you see any experiences of God's kindness to you?If we practice saying,...

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 102:18-28 (NCV)

How do you share the story of your life, or the experiences of your faith relationship, with the people around you? Psalm 102:18-28 tells the story of God at work in the story of people's lives over the long haul, and expresses the vision of a future where the next...

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 102:1-17 (NCV)

We listen together to the first half of Psalm 102 (verses 1-17), and as we listen, we become aware of the world around us, and the experiences of grief in our lives.  We are invited to keep on calling out to God, to keep on leaning in to relationship with God.  What...