When we say “thank you” we grow our well-being by:

1. resetting our spiritual compass. “Thank you” acknowledges the Divine Family’s love for us and their initiation in our lives. Sometimes we don’t know why we are grateful yet, but we can choose to say thank you with the hopeful awareness that what is present could become an opportunity for us to deepen our relationship with the Divine Family.

2. rewiring our brain chemistry. “Thank you” sets us on the pathway of gratitude. Focusing on three things that we are grateful for every day for 21 days builds deeper riverbeds of gratitude in our minds. What we practice thinking, and then repeat, becomes easier and easier.

3. calming our nervous system. “Thank you” helps our physical body by helping us to breathe more deeply. Thank you can be a powerful tool towards our own calm.

4. rewriting our internal story. “Thank you” helps us to tell our stories about ourselves and the people around us in re-framed ways. The stories that we tell ourselves have a profound impact on what we feel, think, and do.

We created a playful Gratitude Practice

When we engage creativity by writing, doodling, or imagining, we can allow gratitude to grow in us. When we can share the conversations in our own homes with family, friends or spiritual companions, our gratitude can flourish!

Questions can act like keys to unlock new insights. The “Fruit-filled Gratitude Practice” asks

  1. What do I have to be grateful for right now? What has already happened in my life that I can be thankful for? At the very least if you are reading this, you have breath to be thankful for, and maybe some other things to be grateful for too. Depending on the day, we might feel like we have to dig. Ask the question and let the question do its work.

  2. What do I want to be grateful for in the future? When we say thank you and live into our gratitude for what is yet to come, we start to activate the future goodness of the Divine Family in our present circumstances. Our desires are gifts from the Divine Family to us. Especially when we carry those desires into dialogue with skilled, trusted companions, our desires can help us to understand ourselves and the Divine Family better.

The Fruit-filled Tree Gratitude Practice is a bite-sized practice that you can use today to grow your experience of Faith at Home. Use it for yourself. Use it with your companions or your children or grandchildren.

You can print out the attachment for a simple process. Or print the attachment for the instructions and go all out and create your own art.

What matters most is that you start filling your tree with gratitude so that you can have harvest baskets filled with the blessing of relationship with the Divine Family. The process is not about “stuff” but about growing a relationship and a life of gratitude!

To download the Fruit-filled Tree Gratitude Practice click the link below:

Fruit-filled Tree Gratitude Practice Link

Fruit-filled Tree Gratitude Practice detail.jpg