“Dragged down and dusted,” starts Part D of Psalm 119:25-32. Have you ever felt discouraged? This section of the longest Psalm paints a picture of emotions of discouragement and dismay. We can acknowledge our emotions.

And we can accept the invitations that God offers us today through this Psalm. Maybe you are invited to stop walking the pathway toward destruction. Perhaps, the Spirit invites you to keep on telling your stories because God hears you and invites you into a new life.

What catches your attention as you listen along with us? How does the Spirit invite you to be, to do, or to become even in the midst of your emotions? Share your response with us in the comments or by private message.

Support in challenging times

This particular version of Psalm 119:25-32 is a paraphrase created by Jennifer Holtslander and paired with photographs by Reade, Jennifer, and Angeline. Just this week we heard back from a reader who said, “I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you.’ I love your book. I’ve been sick. Feeling sorry for myself. Couldn’t get out. I have your book on my table. I reached for your book and I was in letter D and E. it was like you wrote these sections just for me. Much needed encouragement at just the right time.”

You can get your copy of “We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase” from your local Amazon extension (see the list here). With beautiful photographs and thought-provoking prayer-poems, it also makes a great gift.

The audio recordings of Psalm 119 Part A, Part B, and Part C are easy to access!

There are many Psalms that explore creating patterns of acknowledging our emotions, being in direct conversation with God, joining in spiritual conversation with a companion, and listening for God’s love for us. Listen to our podcasts of Psalm 6, Psalm 42, and Psalm 43.

Let us know the questions that are emerging for you through our Contact page. We love to be in conversation with you.

Grace and peace to you,

Jennifer & Reade

More ways to practice your listening

If you liked Part D, you might also like Part C from Psalm 119:17-24.

Some other Psalms that explore building a trusting relationship with God are Psalm 23, Psalm 37, and Psalm 90.

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“Reroute me towards a new option, away from depression.” Psalm 119:19 (from “We Love Your Invitations” by Jennifer Holtslander)