Are you exhausted? Frustrated? Do you want something different? Psalm 119:81-88 invites us into a conversation about our frustration.

As people of faith in a topsy-turvy world, these are the honest feelings that can bubble up within us. When we acknowledge the way things are for us in this moment, we can find the comfort we need. When we reach out for the support of the Divine and companions on the spiritual journey, we can survive hard times.

Modelling a Lectio Divina Prayer Practice

This short episode of “Living Faith at Home” models a prayer practice of listening to scripture and talking with a companion about what the Life-giving Spirit says to us. Grab your note file and listen along with us to nurture your spiritual life. Reading from Psalm 119:81-88 in Jennifer’s paraphrase – “We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase” – we can find our own selves in the story of God’s invitations to us.

You can get your copy of “We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase” from your local Amazon extension (see the links here). Buy a copy for yourself and one for a friend! And as you prepare for holiday seasons upcoming, this combination of photographs and encouraging words might just be what you are looking for!

Other Listening Practices you might enjoy

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Let us know the questions that are emerging for you through our Contact page. We love to be in conversation with you.

Grace and peace to you,

Jennifer & Reade

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“Embed your truth-seeds in my core, and from those seeds, let beauty and growth stretch my being until new life is birthed.” Watercolor painting and selection from Psalm 119:81-88 (from “We Love Your Invitations” by Jennifer Holtslander).