Have you noticed that you show favoritism? And perhaps that your least favorite person is yourself?

Yes. Me too. In fact, probably most of us.

I vividly remember the day when this insight about favoritism hit me. I’d just set a timer and excused myself from the busy-ness of little ones with a “Mama needs a time out.” I was writing in an old notebook, recycled for copying scripture with my name in it. I was leaning on the plastic folding table that made an office out of a bedroom upstairs. 

This was the moment that the Life-giving Spirit confronted me with awareness that when I label myself and put myself on the side-lines, I am using favoritism against myself. When I do this, I am not honoring the BIGNESS of God’s love for me. And when I don’t accept and honor that love in its fullness, I can’t actually offer love to anyone else. 

“My dear brothers and sisters, [my dear __________ ← insert YOUR name here], as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, never think some people are more important than others” (James 2:1 NLT). 

I’d always lived as though everyone else was more important than me. I could hear the Spirit inviting me to consider my own love relationship with the Divine Family and myself as the internal priority whatever else might come across my path.

Filled up with LOVE to overflow

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.” These words might trip off your tongue. But when you don’t start with the fullness of God’s love, vision, and provision for YOU then loving God is twisted and loving others is full of stealth expectations and disappointment.

Unwinding these beliefs and sorting out these patterns is the play and work of Spiritual Care and Spiritual Direction. Having the support and accountability to be in the conversations with yourself, with your God, and with your communities is the process. And greater freedom and flourishing in your life of love and loyalty is the result. 

In fact, from the place of living LOVED by God, we can examine our relationships with other people and treat them with respect. Favoritism and the ruin it causes can be kicked to the curb.

Questions for Spiritual Direction

Do I treat some people better than others?
How does favoritism play out in my life?
What does the Spirit say to me about my treatment of myself?

How else can we support your Spiritual Growth?

There are many Spiritual Practices that are helpful as you open your awareness to the wisdom and love of God. Consider this article on Writing Prompts as a Spiritual Practice or this exploration of Practices of Repair.

As always, leaders at home, work, and play need opportunities for their own spiritual care. If you would like to explore Spiritual Direction further, contact us to set up an exploration appointment.

Grace and peace to you,