Home Blessings are a Spiritual Practice

Home Blessings are a Spiritual Practice for hope and peace in 2022.

Are you looking for hope and peace?

Sometimes the situations of our lives threaten to overwhelm us.
Sometimes we wrestle to remember that we are loved, forgiven, and blessed.

As we wrestle with circumstances that overwhelm and distress, we might become confused or uncertain about God’s love for us.

In the midst, the mix, and the mess of everyday life, God is with us.

That’s the best news on the path toward hope and peace!

A Home Blessing is one practice that helps us to live with the truth that God is with us in our homes day by day by day.

Choosing to walk through our homes each year to bless our homes is both a gift of receiving a blessing and a statement of intention as blessed people.

As we walk with gratitude, we thank God for being present.
We acknowledge God’s provision for us and use our voices to say thank you.
As we move through our uncertainty step by step, we give thanks to God for giving us a new vision for the future.

When we can remind ourselves that the messy in-between of life in a pandemic (and all the other things) is not punishment, we can stay in relationship with God and with those around us.

Anchoring ourselves to the truths of what already is allows the Life-giving Spirit to heal our wounds.

Telling the stories of our life, our family, and our home (or car or office) in the safe spaces of a blessing brings our “secrets” out into the light of connection with God so we can be loved.

Home Blessings for 2022 are a spiritual practice and a declaration.

We keep on walking and engaging our vocal chords to thank God for blessing us until this practice becomes natural and easy.
And we keep on declaring the truth that whatever the circumstances of our lives may imply, the reality that is truer-than-true, is that we are already loved, blessed, and forgiven.

Fees (payable by e-transfer in Canada or through Stripe on our scheduling page)
$125 for house blessing in person (In the Regina area)
or $75 for house blessing by web meeting (world wide!)
Tapestry Members can take 30% off the fee.

Contact us today to book your Home Blessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a house blessing?
Our houses are a reflection of who we are. A house blessing is a living ritual that makes the sacred space you inhabit your very own, and yearly reminds you that the Divine Family is with you to bless you in your daily life. This process helps to make your living space (house, apartment, car, office) your home, and helps you to be at home with God.

What happens during a house blessing?
By web-meeting, we move prayerfully with candlelight from room to room, sharing scripture and a special blessing, spreading peace, balance, and harmony throughout your space. Plan for 30 to 45 minutes of walking through your home, prayer, and conversation.

When should I have my house blessed?
A house blessing is a yearly life-giving ritual that normally happens between Epiphany (January 6, 2022) and the beginning of Lent (early in the calendar year). This year the final house blessings will be wrapped up by February 17, 2022.

Much in the same way that we like to celebrate birthdays each year, we can observe the renewed blessing of God in our lives and on our homes. House blessings can also be planned any time you move houses as a way to make your new house or apartment your own “home.”

How do I prepare for a house blessing?
The day before your house blessing, decide which areas you would like to bless. Within these areas you should have standing room for those participating in person in the blessing.

Who should be present?
That’s up to you! A house blessing is a wonderful opportunity for a household to participate together in blessing their home, in telling the stories of what God has done with you over the last year, and of what you are hoping for in the year to come. However if it’s not the ideal situation to have people gathered together, one member of the household can be present.

Is there a cost for the house blessing?
$75 is the standard honourarium for a half hour House Blessing by web meeting. Payment by e-transfer in Canada (preferred) or Stripe.

How do I request a house blessing?
You can request a call from Jennifer to set up a date and time for your House Blessing or you can book using the Acuity Scheduler.