Each year we take the opportunity to bless our home.

Walking from room to room with a lit candle, we pray and read sacred texts, and put action to our belief. We say “God is everywhere,” but it’s easy to live as if God lives in a box somewhere else and doesn’t touch our everyday lives.

The truth, truer than truer, is that the Divine Family goes with us everywhere we go. The Divine Family is present with us in the mundane experiences of our everyday lives. Whatever our circumstances, the Divine is with us!

So, we bless our home and in the process we live into the truth that there is presence and provision and healing and vision for our family and for our everyday lives.

This year we created a little intro video about house blessings and a work sheet. If you are interested in more information about house blessings, the work sheet has a bit more written about it. The work sheet also has a process for creating your own personalized house blessing if that is something you would like to do.

And always, there is the option to have Jennifer walk with you through the process by web meeting! Set up an appointment through our appointment scheduler at the top of the page, if you would like to schedule a house blessing. A 30 minute space usually works will for a web based blessing.

You can get the worksheet by signing up here.

May your experience of 2019 be one of blessings!