A new perspective often helps me!

Last week Reade and I had the (amazing and fantastic) opportunity to travel to Victoria, British Columbia, for a week of learning and training.

In this work of offering supports to people as they seek their own Spiritual Health, it’s SO important to have time to deepen our own Spiritual Health.

Learning and a new perspective bring energy for the next things.

What did I appreciate about Victoria Hospice’s “Psycho Social Care of the Dying and Bereaved” course?

  1. Days in a row of learning,
  2. Animated conversation as we sorted through the experiences, teaching and practices,
  3. The sheer gift of a room full of people who understand how important offering whole person care is to living, dying and grieving well,
  4. Affirmation that continuing down the path of providing Spiritual Care and Spiritual Health supports is important and worth while,
  5. and the beauty of a different view.

When we work with people in the ways that are necessary to provide Spiritual Care, our primary “tool” is ourselves. That makes it absolutely imperative that we take good care of our Spiritual Health through being accountable to a Spiritual Director, through Peer Supervision, through learning, and through ongoing Spiritual Practices.

How are you planning for your own Spiritual Growth and Formation in the next six months?

Where have you found moments of energy and conversation over the last few weeks?

What is of greatest value and significance to you today?