Pull up a chair. Get a warm drink. There’s something so important that we need to talk about.

A warm drink for a heart to heart conversation

Love. And the most important thing that I can tell you about love is that the Divine Family loves you. First. Most. Your inheritance from before the beginning of time is to be loved, blessed and forgiven.

So, when we talk all this Lenten practice stuff, all this spiritual health stuff, it comes from a place of being loved. When we pray Saint Ephrem’s prayer and ask for the spirit of prudence, humility, patience and love, it’s because we so deeply need to know that we are loved. First. Always. In a foundational way.

A metaphor that is helpful for receiving love from the Divine Family is the ocean. Sometimes we stand, at the edge and just let the waves touch our toes. As we become more comfortable with the water, we can paddle and splash and play. We can wade out until the waves can pick us up. We can float in the love of the Divine Family.

Spending time at the world’s oceans is best done with skilled guides. Where is a safe place to start our exploration? Wading in to the ocean without someone alongside can be dangerous. Where can we explore that is safe once we want to go a little deeper? We need skilled guides. We need companions. For our spiritual health and wellbeing. To help us as we navigate this vast ocean of love in ways that are sustainable.

Of course, every metaphor can break down, so don’t push the metaphor too far, but do explore it a little.

During the first full week of Lent 2019, we are going to soak up the images in Psalm 23 as our Lenten practice.

Maybe you have already been practicing the prayer of Saint Ephrem.

Starting on Sunday March 10, for the next week, we will add Psalm 23 to our practice of Saint Ephrem’s prayer. Set aside a few moments each day to read/listen/pray Psalm 23. If you notice that you are distracted, write out Psalm 23 with your name in it. If you notice that you are blaming someone else for something that’s happening in your life, try Saint Ephrem’s prayer! One day at a time we’ll make our way through Lent, and we will rest each day in the providing love of the Divine.

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As always, we are filled with gratitude for being able to share these Lenten experiences with you! Thank you for being companions on the journey!

Jennifer and Reade