Spiritual Spring Cleaning

We’ve been working away in the yard. The process has led us to ask a few questions about our “soul gardens.” If you’d like to reflect on a question or two, we’d love to hear back from you about what these questions stir in you.

  1. What is growing well in the soil of my soul? How can I share from my abundance?
  2. What am I most grateful for that is growing in my life right now?
  3. As I look ahead to the future, are there things that I want to plant?
  4. Is now the time to plant some seeds?
  5. What might need to be given more sunlight?
  6. What needs more water or attention?
  7. Are there spaces in my life that need pruning?
  8. What are the weeds that are choking out what I most want to grow?
  9. What gets in the way of me working in my soul garden?
  10. How can I add nourishment/fertilizer to my soul garden?
  11. Who works alongside me to nurture this spiritual garden?
  12. How might I answer these questions differently if the context was not just my soul garden, but my family’s?
  13. Or my community’s?
  14. Or my workplace’s?
  15. Are there any other questions that come to my mind?

Soaking up the changing seasons along with you,