The taste of guilt and recovery

How do you let go of guilt?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for our kids for the year. 

“Mom! You know what would be the best idea? Making donuts and decorating them with pink and sprinkles because pink is my teacher’s favourite colour and donuts are her favourite food.”

We had a week to prepare. Okay! Let’s get it going.

Except in the midst of carrying out the plan, I made a mistake, had to retrofit, and the timeline went all crazy.

So now it’s past bedtime. There are undecorated donuts and I feel guilty for my crummy attitude in the middle.

Guilt can be a good incentive for change but it can also be a dirty, rotten joy stealer.

Sabbath — moments spent in meditation, meaningful conversation, silence and stillness — is the practice that helps me to clear my arteries of feeling guilty. And it allows me to reset after challenging experiences. Then the energy and life can flow again! 

How do you reset?

What are your practices for letting go of guilt?