Check Engine

The Check Engine light came on and stayed on.

The photo above is from our car this weekend.

We had so many other plans.

And so many darling, flexible people who adapted with me us on appointment times or switched to Zoom.

Sometimes we do Spiritual Wellness Care for ourselves as part of the rhythm of our lives (like our regular appointment for an oil change and check up).

And sometimes the “check engine” light comes on.

In our Spiritual Wellness the following things might be a flashing, neon sign that we (or our companions) could use some Spiritual Wellness Care.

đź’ˇComplaints or blaming

đź’ˇRestlessness or requiring rigid rituals

đź’ˇUnable to cope



đź’ˇExperiencing loss

đź’ˇDisconnected from self, others or the Divine

The help for my car is an appointment at the repair shop. Skilled people will do their job and the next steps will become clear.

The help for our Spiritual Wellness often is a conversation with a skilled and compassionate Spiritual Companion.

So the car goes to the shop today and they will give us some options for “what next?” It’s pretty straightforward.

I wonder about how you might get the support you need for your Spiritual Wellness when the warning lights come on?

I’m grateful to be able to be part of the process with the folks I work with through multi-faith Chaplaincy in hospital, hospice, home, and long term care and through Spiritual Wellness Coaching in person and online.

What are your signals that your spirit needs attention? That what matters most to you is crying out for help?

Is your Spiritual Wellness Warning system lit up right now?

Would you like to connect to see if working together might be a good fit?

Send me a message today if your Spiritual Wellness warning system is lit up and you’d like to talk about working together to figure out the next steps.