Oh my goodness!

Have you ever started a project and been unsure whether you’d have the gumption to stick with it? Or whether it would fly at all?

When we started “Faith at Home” as our little studio for bite-sized practices for everyday faith two years ago, we had a little hope in our hearts, some ideas for retreat, some shared audio Psalms and some energy.

Next came a little wonder about whether we could actually create a podcast where we shared our experiences as we worked through the Psalms, steady bit by steady bit, to listen to the Divine, ourselves and our families.

And now, a year into providing twice weekly recordings (75 so far in two “Seasons”), we are set to press “go” on Season 3 on Saturday morning.

As we explore the next set of Psalms, we’ll be listening with the New English Translation. Are you familiar with the NET version of the Bible?

I can’t see into the future, but I have every bit of hope that we will be able complete what we’ve started (all the way through the Psalms!), and that we’ll be able to share some other bite-sized, faith growing practices.

Thank YOU for being with us on the journey!