Faith, the size of a dill seed.

What might it mean to have faith the size of a dill seed?

“Plant a little dill one year, let it go to seed, and you will have dill in your garden year after year,” my step mom said as we worked in the garden when I was a kid.

I know the classic Scripture text suggests faith the size of a mustard seed can cause movement in our lives. The other day while singing and talking about faith in a weekly spiritual care/music therapy group, I used dill as the faith seed example because that’s what I had easily accessible.

When Angeline and I biked through the community gardens that evening, the dill plants, in so many of the gardens caught my eye. Some in straight rows, others mixed in among the other plants — volunteer dill encouraged to grow again and again.

For me, faith is relationship with the Divine Family and accepting their invitations toward life and breath in the midst of our everyday reality. This week faith means saying yes to new bikes and a new vehicle that fit our growing kids when it feels like everything in our world is shouting to get small, to hide away, to hold on tight.

Small seeds of faith, planted and nourished, will keep on giving, keep on bearing fruit in our lives. For me to nourish those small seeds of faith today, I am practicing thankfulness, reading the Psalms, and dialogue.

What is faith to you?
How are you nurturing your faith today?