At Regina Beach

We went to the beach today.

With the foresight to wear my swimming suit under my dress, I had the option to swim if that seemed pleasant.

The water was cold.

The shoreline was rocky until the point were it became muddy.

The water smelled like a Saskatchewan lake in summertime, but only a 1 out of 5 lake smell instead of 5 out of 5.

I read.

I wrote.

I watched people and critters.

It was a genuine stop and rest moment.

Then our daughter Angeline wanted to talk about maybe swimming.

“I sort of want to and I sort of don’t.”

I asked her to imagine the moment at bedtime where we review our day. “Which will you regret not doing? Will you regret that you got wet and swam to the white buoy? Or will you regret that you didn’t try?”

“I think I would regret that I wanted to swim but I didn’t do it.”

So we swam and tapped the white buoy three times and did it again.

And shivered all the way home.

The only regret was not packing extra towels…

What are the invitations that came to you today that you would have liked to accept?

How might the Life-Giving Spirit be speaking to you through those invitations?