Psalm 109 is a prayer poem of Lament about our enemy’s Lament. As we finish reading the last half of Psalm 109 and talk together with one another and God about what we are noticing, we invite you to enter the conversation with us.

On the journey of life, challenging relationships can eat up so much of our attention and energy. We assume we know what our nemesis is thinking. We ache with the pain of uncertainty. And sometimes we even ache with the insults hurled in the heat of arguments.

What does God speak to you in the midst of the pain? How are you invited to be? What are you invited to do? As we listen and talk together about scripture, we can have clear next steps of invitation that help us to strengthen our relationship with God. Over time this calms our overactive nervous systems, and calls our fearful, shy parts to be in the conversation too.

We would love to hear from you as you explore your relationship of reciprocity with the Divine.

God bless you!