The poetic imagery of Psalm 114 makes mountains, rivers, and hills skip and dance. While the playful imagery of baby goats and lambs makes for delightful watching, it also sets up a lively picture of action and movement. A situation that seemed as immovable as a mountain, shifted and changed in a single night for the Hebrew people as they left slavery and began the process of becoming freed people with a land of their own.

Psalm 114 is part of a small collection of Psalms called the Psalms of Hallel. For more information about the Psalms of Hallel, check out our blog post on these Six Powerful Psalms of Praise.

Are there situations in your life that feel like being between a rock and a hard place? With our ears to the lips of the Divine, we wait for their instructions about what to do next. God is active in the real world and walks with us each step of the way!

What do you notice as you listen to this Psalm? What are you noticing that God is turning from rock to water on your behalf?

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Glacial water in an Alaskan fjord
“God turned a rock into a pool of water” Psalm 114:8