How will listening to Psalm 118:1-14 impact your relationship with God?

We could make up a six point list about what listening to this Psalm will draw to your attention. Or we could try to assure you of something that we can’t actually promise in the short term.

Instead we invite you to listen to Psalm 118:1-14 for yourself. It matters most that you are in the conversation rather than that we tell you what to hear and to notice.

So what do you notice? What stories from your life are stirred up in the conversation? What would you like to do as a result of being in conversation with God and a trusted companion?

Because in the long run, being in conversation with the Psalms and with a skilled Spiritual Companion will impact your ability to hear God speak to you. Being in the dialogue will develop your trust in your ability to listen to what matters most. Keeping on listening, seeking, and debriefing will develop your trust in God. And a relationship of trust with a good God will lead towards the good news of God’s love impacting your everyday life.

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God’s love continues forever.