Here’s a rhetorical question: can anyone live a whole lifetime without experiencing trouble?

Rhetorical questions have an expected answer. The expected answer for this question is “NO!” In each of our lives we feel pain, sorrow and fear. Psalm 57 allows us to attend to those emotions and to RUN into the refuge that can be created in the midst of challenging times.

The Divine Family is our refuge. The troubling things still exist, but in the safety of relationship we can rest, recharge and re-enter our everyday lives receiving forgiveness, compassion and kindness. This is mercy in challenging days.

Open ended questions can be like a key that unlocks a door. As we listen to ourselves and to the Divine Family through Psalms, open ended questions help us in our listening.

What words or phrases stand out to you through Psalm 57? What do you hear the Divine Family invite you to through this Psalm?

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