As we practice listening to our lives and to the Divine Family, the Psalms are helpful tool in the toolkit of creative spiritual practices. Words and ideas that catch our attention help us to notice what is happening in our souls. An invitation that grows out of the reading can help us to be aware of what we are noticing about the Divine Family and our relationship with them.

Psalm 79 calls out to us in this Listening Practice. We attend to the human desire for spiritual blessings to come quickly. Do we need to be accountable for the sins of the previous generation? Will we be part of leaving a legacy of what is life-giving for the generations to come?

What do you notice as you listen along today?

Spiritual conversation, either one on one with a spiritual guide, or in a spiritual conversation group, is a great practice for spiritual growth. If you are interested in connecting into that kind of support, send us a message to find whether the support we offer would be a good fit for you. We’d love to hear from you!