What do you do with the words of they Psalms when they speak to our deepest fear that God is going to be angry with us for ever? When they stir up the trauma of cut off relationships? As we practice listening using the words of Psalm 89:19-37, we notice the fear of broken relationship. We notice the call to be in relationship.

Relationship, not transactions, not cut-off brokenness, is what we hear the Life-Giving Spirit calling us toward today.

When we pray using this practice of listening for God’s voice through the words of the Psalms and our response to those words, we bump up against the pieces of our history (especially as we practice listening here in Psalm 89:19-34). Our history may have retold the stories of God in ways that don’t reflect who God really is. Our experiences may have reinforced the stories of ourselves in ways that aren’t true to who we are. We, our true selves, are invited to be in relationship with a God who is loving, initiating, and compassionate.

What calls to you from these words? How does God speak to you, today? Share with us in the comments below, or reach out through a message.

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