Presuppositions are the things that are assumed at the beginning. When our presuppositions shift and change, the outcomes also can change.

What are your presuppositions about yourself? About God? Or about the people around you?

If you live with the underpinning that you are loved by God, it changes how you walk in the world. It frees you from needing to prove yourself. It allows you to soften in to listening for the next step of what you would like to do.

What about if you pay attention to the presupposition that no person is 100% bad and no person is 100% good? How human of us to be a mix of frailty and strength, of insight and mistakes!

The presuppositions of a big mistake

I am just sorting through the aftermath of a calendar mistake. A dearly beloved client’s funeral has been scheduled for the same day that I am scheduled to facilitate an online course. Officiating a funeral and facilitating a course simultaneously is not possible.

Can you feel the shudder than ran through my body when I realized the scheduling mistake?

And then the Life-giving Spirit asked me to make a phone call. And in the conversation the wedge between the “should have” and the “poor me” broke open a freedom space. In the freedom space I could hear the options and the opportunities.

So, I followed through. And it turns out significant unknown pieces came to light because I could admit my humanity and walk in the world of conversations and etiquette.


Keep on being in the conversations

When I suggest dialogue and conversations to you, I’m not trying to make you ask for permission. I’m not encouraging you to chain yourself to someone else’s opinion. No! Instead, I’m inviting you to be in the conversations that presuppose that God loves you and wants to be on your side, with you, nothing to separate you from God.

I’m inviting you to walk, run, dance, paint, and write your freedom and delight in relationship as much as I am inviting you to speak your honest truth, and admit your range of emotions. In relationship and growing intimacy with God, ourselves, and safe humans is where the sweet spot of life thrives!

Let me know how this lands for you today.

Grace and peace to you,