Psalm 113 is the first Psalm of Hallel. This series of psalms is teaches us to interact with God with etiquette and intimacy. It is an invitation to praise God and to praise God’s name.

The psalms of Hallel (Psalm 113 to 118) are often recited as part of important Hebrew celebrations. They retell classic stories of divine intervention. And it seems likely that Jesus joined his followers in singing these Psalms on the night that we name “Maundy Thursday.” Even as the storms of violence swirled around Jesus, he sang with his community.

“No one is like the Lord our God, who rules from heaven, who bends down to look at the skies and the earth. The Lord lifts the poor from the dirt and takes the helpless from the ashes.”

Psalm 118:5-7

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As you listen and respond to God (the Lord, Yahweh, the Divine) today, what captures your attention? What would you like to say in return?

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This picture of Prairie Sky accompanies Psalm 113. It invites us to praise God.
“Praise the Lord!” Psalm 113:1