Listen with us to Psalm 117! It is the shortest Psalm and it is still chock-a-block full of the opportunity to hear God’s words to us.

As you listen to Psalm 117, what words or phrases do you notice yourself drawn to? Is there an invitation to some action that stands out to you?

By listening to words from scripture and to one another in dialogue, we can become steady in our ability to hear God speak to us. You might hear assurance of God’s love for you despite the circumstances of life. Or you might be called toward speaking gratefulness for something that you are experiencing. Perhaps what stands out to you is that this Psalm is addressed to everyone, not just a select few!

Whatever you notice, as you carry it into conversation with God and with a companion, you are doing the work of prayer. Prayer is listening to God and speaking with God.

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Regina Beach
“All nations, praise the Lord” Psalm 117:1