Psalm 119:1-8 is the beginning of an alphabet Psalm that celebrates God’s love for us and God’s invitations to be in a life of relationship. Using the paraphrase from our book, “We Love Your Invitations,” we model a process of listening to God and join in a simple Listening Practice.

Through conversation, relationship, and reflection, we note the threads of what is most meaningful to us today. What stands out to you in Psalm 119:1-8? How does the Divine invite you to do, be, or become through this process today?

“We Love Your Invitations” with prayer poems paraphrased from Psalm 119 by Jennifer Holtslander and photographs by Reade Holtslander is available through your local Amazon extension. Be in the process of Lectio Divina and Visio Divina with us and let us know what you notice!

More ways to practice your listening

Does the acrostic format of this prayer poem catch your imagination?

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, so each of the acrostic writings have 22 verses/sections. Check out the other Psalms that were written in Hebrew in the acrostic format: Psalm 25; Psalm 34; Psalm 37; Psalm 111; Psalm 112. Maybe you’d like to take up the challenge of writing your own prayer poem with an acrostic format? If you do, share it with us! We’d love to hear, see, or read what the Spirit stirs in you.

Do you prefer video? Watch the video recording of this Listening Practice on our Living Faith at Home YouTube channel.

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Road with clouds, Psalm 119:1
“Always, gracious God, you begin with a double blessing.” Psalm 119:1 (from We Love Your Invitations)