Gloved hands gently hold another person's hand with a hospital band on the wrist. Text overlay says "Spiritual Care Awareness Week October 17-23, 2021"
Spiritual Care helps people find what matters most in challenging times.

This week, October 17-23, is set aside as the week for Spiritual Care Awareness 2021.

Spiritual Care is one of the ways of attending to what matters most to us. Spiritual Care helps us to ask our own questions and answer them in dialogue. Spiritual Care offers us support in times when we are in the midst of change and challenge.

Spiritual Care Providers (sometimes called Chaplains or Spiritual Directors) are the professionals who you might encounter in any number of organizations that want to honour the humanity and the spirituality of the people in their organization. Spiritual Care Providers (like Jennifer) also sometimes work in private practice to offer support to people as they seek out the pathway of fresh hope, so needed for life today!

This past week, offering Spiritual Care meant listening as a client with dementia found a thread of the past and told stories of their life that brought them joy. It also meant facilitating a shared Music Therapy and Spiritual Care group session that we call “Spirit & Song.” Sometimes Spiritual Care is supporting people as they create a funeral or a special ritual to honour the life of their person. And sometimes Spiritual Care is reminding people about the little ways that they can create practices that support their spirits in the midst of their experiences.

There are many ways to nurture your spirit. The 2021 Spiritual Resilience Resource, created in honour of Spiritual Care Awareness Week, is available for you.

Download the 2021 Spiritual Resilience Resource here!

Created in a collaboration between Jennifer Holtslander, Angela Fraser, and Lorna King, it is our celebration of some of the work we are privileged to support.

Conversation with a skilled guide makes a huge difference! If you have questions about how Spiritual Care can support you, send us a note today!