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Join with us in celebrating our recently published a book We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase!

Jennifer wrote twenty-two prayer-poems that are paraphrases of Psalm 119. Reade contributed photographs to go alongside each of the poems. Combined, each poem and photograph creates an invitation to sit in contemplation and dialogue with God. Some readers have been writing their own notes on the spacious pages and creating their own paraphrases.

What is a paraphrase?

To paraphrase means to re-tell or re-write something our own words. Wiktionary defines paraphrase this way, “A restatement of a text in different words, often to clarify meaning.”

Paraphrase invites us to apply what we are hearing or seeing from scripture into our own circumstances. Restating scripture in new ways pushes and pulls us into asking questions of ourselves and those around us, and leads us back into conversation with the Divine. Spiritual Practice is all about relationship!

Writing can be an important element of Spiritual Practice when writing is used as a way of being in dialogue with God, ourselves, and the community around us. As one of the many bite-sized practices in our prayer-kit, rewriting or retelling scripture in our own words invites us to understand more deeply.

(Other bite-sized practices could include Listening Practices, the Gratitude Tree Practice, or 5 Spiritual Wellness Practices for COVID19)

Why choose Psalm 119 to paraphrase?

Psalm 119 is the longest of the 150 Psalms in the Hebrew collection of Psalms. The main focus of Psalm 119 is celebrating the teaching of God. For many people whose experience of religion led them to see God as harsh and God’s laws as weapons, this particular Psalm shouting about God’s law has been a very triggering (or boring) experience. As our images of God become more true to who God actually is, we can experience God inviting us to be in relationship. Invitations, rather than commands, becomes a metaphor that allows a huge internal shift.

This is what people are saying about We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase

Readers are appreciating what We Love Your Invitations is opening up inside their spiritual lives.

Check out this review by Joanne who used this resource for her Advent prayer practice:

“Knowing Jennifer has been a blessing in my life, and now even more so with this beautiful little book.

The paraphrasing of Psalm 119 through words and photos has truly shown the loving and open hearted invitation that God and Jesus, through the Spirit, offer us every day. Her words have helped me to hear more clearly, to appreciate that invitation more openly, and to accept it wholeheartedly.

The timing of your book so fit for a daily Advent practice and prompting to prayer at the start of each day. Thank you, Jennifer and Reade, for the creative and always timely gift of your words and photos!”

Joanne M

Another review

And Lara, who also served as the excellent editor of this book said:

“Jennifer’s paraphrase of Psalm 119 opened my eyes and heart to experience God’s Word in a new way. Indeed, I feel invited to the table to feast on a banquet of images, reflections, and conversations with the Divine. This paraphrase has enhanced my prayer life and my relationship with the Divine. Highly recommend.”


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We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase has been a labour of love, skill, and delight. In the midst of the many experiences of the last few years, practicing writing, book creation, and walking through the publishing process, have been significant ways to connect back into relationship with God.

We are happy to be able to share We Love Your Invitations: A Psalm 119 Paraphrase with you. It is available for purchase on your local Amazon extension (for example, in Canada, or in the United States).