Living Faith at Home is a podcast of bite-sized practices to support your faith growth at home, at work, and everywhere you go.

Listen alone to build your faith practice tool box, or listen along with a companion to create spaces for dialogue and community. Agree, disagree, or find a third option, and in the process check out the practical ways that we interact with the Divine Family.

As you listen along, if the gentle, do-able practices that we offer seem like they would fit the support you are looking for in your life, book an Exploration Call.  As we Explore it can become clear if our 1 to 1 supports or group spiritual formation would be a good fit for you.

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 100 (NCV)

We are listening to the voice of God and to what matters most to us as we join in a Listening Practice with Psalm 100.

Read. Listen. Dialogue. Repeat.

Would you believe what a difference this kind of practice can make to our everyday lives?

Today, as we explore Psalm 100, we notice the ways that God speaks to us today, and in the process, we acknowledge our emotions. Whatever we feel, the invitation is to notice where God is *WITH US* in the midst of all the things.

What do you hear as you listen today? How do you want to respond? Let us know in the comments.

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Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 99 (NCV)

Pause with us for an opportunity to feed your soul! As we listen to Psalm 99 and share in conversation about what we notice, our relationship with God grows. This Psalm is full of references to the natural world. Do you hear an invitation to join in saying “thank you” to God for something today? Perhaps even in a new way?

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 98 (NCV)

What new thing are you being invited to in your relationship with God?

As we listen our way through the Psalms, we grow our relationship with God and with one another. Psalm 98 is a prayer-poem full of metaphor, music, and invitations.

What do you notice as you listen along?

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 97 (NCV)

Psalm 97 talks of God’s goodness and power while asking us to turn to God and do right so we can be blessed.

Is that what you hear? Is that what you experience? Sometimes the Psalms push us in directions we’re uncomfortable with.

Faith at Home Listening Practice Psalm 96 (NCV)

Psalm 96 tells us to tell others of God’s goodness and love and to let the natural world speak out about God’s grace.

What do you hear as you listen to this happy Psalm? Is God saying to you what the Psalm is saying? Or is God speaking other words in the midst of your contemplation?

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 95 (NCV)

When we listen to Psalm 95, we might be reminded of songs we have heard. Or we might notice the contrast in emotions between the beginning of the Psalm and the end of it.

As we listen to the words of the Psalm and the whisper of the Divine through our thoughts and intuition, we can bring those things into conversation with another human so that we can discern what God might be saying to us.

What stands out to you today as you listen? How are you invited to be in relationship with the Divine today?

These conversations grow out of our desire to strengthen our listening muscles in the midst of the challenges of everyday life. If bite-sized practices for everyday faith are something that matters to you too, you can find more information at our website:

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 94 (NCV)

What does it mean for God to be engaged in the suffering of our everyday lives?

As we encounter the pain and suffering of our personal experiences, and of the world at large, we continue to grapple with trying to hear what God is saying to us. Psalm 94 is a conversation partner in the midst of these encounters and experiences.

What do you notice as you listen along? How are you invited to interact with the Divine and be engaged in the world?

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 93 (NCV)

Here is a new Faith at Home Listening Practice using Psalm 93.

The waves of our life circumstances sometimes seem to rise up higher and higher. Psalm 93 helps us to enter a space of remembering that the Creator can create a strong, sturdy foundation for us even when the waves buffet against us.

Let us know in the comments below what you notice? What stands out to you as an invitation from the Divine straight to you?

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Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 92 (NCV)

This Listening Practice using Psalm 92 paints a picture of trees, strongly rooted, and bearing fruit even in their old age.

As we listen to the words of this Psalm, we are listening for the voice of the Divine, and for what matters most to us, today.

May we be rooted in a relationship with a God that grows power for the powerless, and a healthy, fresh future.

Faith at Home: Listening Practice Psalm 91 (NCV)

Do you feel safe and protected? Psalm 91 talks about safety and protection. What does that mean in the world you live in now? Psalm 91 says that God will save us.

What do you notice? What is God calling you to?

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 89:38-52 (NET)

Psalm 89:38-52 wraps up our final Listening Practice from this Psalm of 52 verses. Do you ever feel like crying because you are afraid that God has forgotten you? Over the long haul, the practice of listening to the Psalms, and through Psalms to God, and to ourselves, helps us to become better at hearing what matters most to us. This lament helps us to bring our sadness, anger and frustration into the conversation.

There have been times when it felt like God was not listening when we were trying to be in conversation. And there have been times when it felt like we couldn’t hear anything from God even though we felt like we were trying with all our might. All long term, intimate relationships go through times where things are challenging.

We can carry our lament straight back into the relationship with God. There’s no extra fee for expressing our feelings, just a loving welcome, and a “thank you for telling me your truth.”

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 89:19-37 (NET)

What do you do with the words of they Psalms when they speak to our deepest fear that God is going to be angry with us for ever? When they stir up the trauma of cut off relationships? As we practice listening using the words of Psalm 89:19-37, we notice the fear of broken relationship. We notice the call to be in relationship.

Relationship, not transactions, not cut-off brokenness, is what we hear the Life-Giving Spirit calling us toward today.

When we pray using this practice of listening for God’s voice through the words of the Psalms and our response to those words, we bump up against the pieces of our history (especially as we practice listening here in Psalm 89:19-34). Our history may have retold the stories of God in ways that don’t reflect who God really is. Our experiences may have reinforced the stories of ourselves in ways that aren’t true to who we are. We, our true selves, are invited to be in relationship with a God who is loving, initiating, and compassionate.

What calls to you from these words? How does God speak to you, today? Share with us in the comments below, or reach out through a message.

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Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 89:1-18 (NET)

Are the waves in your life so big they are shaking you to your core? Do you feel like the big picture is taking your breath away? As we listen together to the first 18 verses of Psalm 89, we notice the bigness of the world and the specific-ness of God’s love.

Sometimes the rocking of the waves can calm our fears. Sometimes the breadth of a glorious vista causes us to take a deep breath and relax the trauma from our bodies.

In the big picture and the small details, we are invited to be in conversation in safe spaces and to listen to Scripture with skill and belovedness.

Tell us, what stands out to you as you listen today? Could you listen to a Psalm with someone in your life and engage in conversation today?

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 88 (NET)

This Psalm 88 Listening Practice takes us into the heart of lament. If we read the Psalms just based on what we like, or what we want to feel, we’d avoid this Psalm nine times out of ten.

And yet, there are days when we feel the deep pain of sorrow. There are days were we wonder if God is listening.

As much as listening practices are about getting better at listening, they are about underlining the truth that God is listening, too! When we practice listening to the Psalms, we can experience hearing the Divine AND being heard. We can feel the full range of our emotions, AND we can affirm the truth that we are in a relationship with give and take.

What do you notice as you practice listening with Psalm 88?

Especially when we are in seasons of lament and grief, having a Spiritual Guide is an important part of healing. If you are looking for a Spiritual Guide, book an Exploration Call with Jennifer. Deep lament calls for dialogue and community.

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Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 87 (NET)

As we practice listening using Psalm 87, we hear a lot of names of far-off locations. The Psalmist celebrates being “one of the beautiful people.” Yet, we hear the Divine’s love for us, even though we aren’t part of the named group.

As you listen, what do you hear today?

Share with us in the comments!

Listening in the “in-between” for the voice of the Life-Giving Spirit is a skill to develop. For dialogue that fits your situation, book a one on one Spiritual Guidance session, or join one of our Group Spiritual Formation Experiences.

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 86 (NET)

Today’s Listening Practice with Psalm 86 reminds us that God is kind, faithful and forgiving.

Even when we feel like things aren’t going our way, we can trust that there will be evidence of God’s favour. We can ask for relationship, give and take, with God.

This video shares one of our prayer practices. Engaging in Listening Practices, we listen to Psalm 86 and we also listen to God. We repeat the experience regularly so that we can become better listeners. Our crying out becomes the point where we choose to live from a place of faith and relationship. Loneliness and isolation are met as express ourselves to God and to one another.

Join in the conversation. Let us hear what you notice as you listen along!

If you would like to know more about our process for Listening Practices, you can read more here.

The whole video vault of our Listening Practices is available as part of our Patreon page. If there is value for you in listening to the Psalms, we’d love to see you there.

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 85 (NET)

When we pause to listen to ourselves and God using Psalm 85, we notice the fear that God might be angry and the scattering pull of distracting thoughts.

The process of time out to listen, to slow down our breathing and focus (and re-focus and re-focus again) is a great spiritual practice for everyday life. Whether we notice the cry of our heart for right relationship to be restored, or something else entirely, by taking a few minutes for a Listening Practice, together, we make way for spiritual growth.

Drop us a note to let us know what you hear today!

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 84 (NET)

As we listen today, we are invited to travel with the Divine and find ourselves “at home,” with God wherever we are. This Faith at Home Listening Practice is a form of prayer using Psalm 84. Better is one day in God’s presence than a thousand elsewhere. This prayer practice (and the practices for the 83 Psalms before it!) is available as a podcast on your favorite podcast app or at our website

What stands out to you today as you listen? Share with us in the comments! Please!

Faith at Home Podcast: Listening Practice Psalm 83 (NET)

Pausing in the midst of our circumstances, we can listen together for what the Divine might be speaking to us. A Listening Practice creates a safe container for facing our changing experiences and uncertainty, and can help us to call out to God even when our faces are covered in shame.

This Psalm 83 Listening Practice invited us to acknowledge our own desires and mortality, and then to show up with mud on our faces in God’s presence.

As you listen along, if you become aware that you’d like support through one-on-one spiritual guidance or group spiritual conversation, schedule an online Listening session with Jennifer and Reade. We’d love to hear from you and we would love to share in the journey as you explore your questions and your relationship with God!