Listen along with us to Part B of Psalm 119:9-16, as paraphrased by Jennifer in her book “We Love Your Invitations.” Psalm 119 is an acrostic Psalm and reminds us of the joy of Alphabet Books for early learners. Acrostics jog our memories. Acrostics help us to hold God’s word in our hearts as we move through our daily experiences.

As we listen, we pay attention to what stands out to us! Then we speak out loud what we notice in a safe space. This practice of listening develops our ability to hear God speak to us. It also develops our ability to speak in conversation with one another. In hearing and speaking, relationships deepens. As our relationships deepen, our faith in God’s love can grow.

Do you have your copy of “We Love Your Invitations” yet? It’s a book full of prayer poems paraphrased from Psalm 119 written by Jennifer Holtslander and illuminated with photographs by Reade Holtslander. The Psalm 119:9-16 section in the book is paired with a photo of winter trees covered in hoar frost. Wherever you are in the world, you can order it through your local Amazon website. “We Love Your Invitations” also makes a great gift!

More ways to practice your listening

If you liked Part B, you might also like Part A from Psalm 119:1-8.

Some other Psalms that explore building a trusting relationship with God are Psalm 23, Psalm 37, and Psalm 90.

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“Best to waste time with you, wander in your ways, and hide out with a like-minded community.” Psalm 119:10 (We Love Your Invitations)