As we listen to Psalm 118:15-29, we strengthen our ability to hear God’s voice. The final half of Psalm 118 repeats the phrase, “God’s love continues forever.” We need that reassurance. As we keep on exploring the words that stand out to us, we enter a conversation with one another and with God.

Psalm 118:15-29 is the final section of the Psalms of Hallel. It is the Psalm that we learn the words, “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad today.” We grow our gratefulness and gladness because God’s love continues despite our circumstances. Gratitude and rejoicing are our choice! We say thank you and sing praise because we are invited into relationship because of God’s love, not because of our goodness.

Like the psalmist, we have experienced suffering. And, if you are reading or listening to this today, you too have suffered and lived.

I wonder what YOU hear as an invitation today? What does God speak to you through these words and through the conversation? What is it that you’re noticing? What’s the call? What could you do today that would be just one little thing that would grow your connection, your relationship, your listening to God?

Thank you for listening to Psalms with us!

More ways to practice your listening

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Sunset on ice rink.
“God’s love continues forever.” Psalm 118:29